Sometimes in your life…


…all you need is a little bit of madness! I’m not mocking Muse’s last gorgeous song, I’m talking about crazy things you have the chance to do, you never thought of.
This year the tourist office Merano – my place of work – organised a basecamp on 2.300 m. At first I thought I wouldn’t go because of the coldness. Then I heard people talking enthusiastically about it and decided to try 🙂
I was curious about the experience and attracted by the photographical scenario and it has been amazing!!
People you don’t know at all become good friends with whom to spend a nice night eating fondue. Of course it’s not the same as sleeping in your own bed, but it has been fantastic, being there in that tiny village in the silence of the night, hearing the snow on the tent. It hasn’t been cold at all, I had to open the sleeping bag and drink water sometimes and in the morning it has been my mobile phone which woke me for the sunrise, an amazing spectacle…!
I’m happy I could live this experience and I would do it again.


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