Preparing for new year’s eve

In South Tyrol we traditionally eat a small pig made of marzipan, this should bring luck to people doing it. I used to wear red underwear because of the same reason, but as I’m not a fan of it, I quit pretty soon. Once I celebrated new year in Barcelona.


As most of you know, in Spain people eat 12 grapes for the last 12 seconds before midnight. Imagine the scene, having to mouth full of grapes, kissing anybody in the room and eating the marzipan pig, what a chaos…! It was funny anyway ­čÖé


This year I wanted to do something special and as I saw the marzipan at the supermarket, I knew what I would do. For days I wondered about how I should colour the marzipan, till I found a suggestion in the internet: chocolate for black, pepermint for green and cherry syrup or liquor for pink (yeah!).


So I started producing my own pigs for my relatives and friends and they loved them!! It was like going back to school, working with creta, I loved it!


Let’s see what comes to my mind for next year, this was just the beginning! Happy 2013 to everybody!!


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