K.u.K. Museum Bad Egart – a journey in the past

Stony faces at the K.u.K. museum Bad Egart

Today I went to one of the coolest, craziest places I’ve ever seen: the K.u.K. Museum Bad Egart. The proprietor, Karl Platino, kept collecting any kind of interesting things about the empress Sissi and the South Tyrolean tradition and has created an exhibition of all of them in a house, where you can also find the wellknown restaurant Onkel Taa. A big collection of Sissi’s and Franz’s pictures and personal objects and of implements for handcraft and cuisine. The house looks like a fairy tale’s, with jars and other utensiles on its walls ­čÖé Soon you see that the proprietor has some kind of affection for snails and if you have a look at the menu of the restaurant, you might understand why ­čÖé

The museum is in Parcines, about 15-20 min. by car from Merano.


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