Arts on eggs

Flower bootsToday I was hanging around in Piazza della Rena as a pair of  boots with flowers in them caught my attention. I soon started wondering what they were doing there. Then I saw that there were more pairs up to Kallmünz Castle. So I decided to follow them to see if they had a particular function. As a matter of fact they had to take people to an exhibition of arts, specifically of arts on eggs. In the castle they dedicated a room to a bunch of artists who were still working on their artistical Easter eggs. There were really beautiful and modern ones, depicted in Picasso style or with finest decorations in white.

The exhibition is still to be seen tomorrow from 10.00 to 18.00, it has already taken place in Bolzano and Sarentino and will be hosted in Renon from April 21th to 24th.

Artistical egg composition


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