The “Stadtlertoast”

Blackboard - Pur Suedtirol

Yesterday my mum and I wanted to eat something light for lunch and went to the “Pur Suedtirol Market” in corso Libertà. In that shop/market you can find many good things, such as fruits, vegetables, bread, cheese, speck, yogurt, jam, good wines…and you can also eat and drink something, they have a special room for that purpose.

As we were deciding what to eat, we saw a blackboard and something cought our attention: the “Stadtlertoast”. Everybody here knows the “Bauerntoast” made with Paarlbrot (black bread), speck, cheese, mostard and sometimes with salami. The “Stadtlertoast” is something new and very different, it’s a big baguette with ham, cheese and sun-dried tomatoes spread. Prescinding from the fact that it tastes fantastically, beacuse of the great quality of the products it was made with and the good combination, I appreciated the idea very much 🙂 Normally the word “Stadtler” is used negatively while speaking of people living in town, but here I find it ironic and personable. It’s like saying: we are Stadtler, know it, take it ironically and have a special toast 🙂


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