The sunny side of my job :)


Yesterday morning I could experience the sunny side of my job…! Last year we’ve put some eye-catcher on the Gilf and on the Tappeiner Promenade. Their function is to make people aware of Merano’s most interesting architectonical highlights. Now, as there are some #!@#%! who have nothing better to do than trying to damage them and as we might put one more eye-catcher, “someone” had to make a survey to check it all up. Someone who knew where they are and who followed the whole project from the beginning. So this is why yesterday morning I could spend my first two working-hours on the Tappeiner Promenade. The weather was fantabulous and there were only the diligent gardeners working and some people strolling or jogging along. Not bad for the start of the day 🙂

PS Except for some scrapes, the eye-catchers are all-right, we have just to change the position of some parts 🙂


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