Sunny September

The days are finally getting fresher now. As nearly every year September is wonderfully sunny 🙂 It happens to have rainy and windy nights, after those the day appears totally clean – washed by the pattering water – and colourful.
During the day you can still walk in your T-shirt under the sun and enjoy the bright green still dominating the landscape.
My favourite trail for walking and jogging is the beloved Tappeinerweg, you can reach it in 10 min. by walking and in a few steps you already watch over Merano and its valleys. An amazing gift of the Austrina doctor, botanist and anthropologist Franz Tappeiner, who made it possible to have so many Mediterranean plants cropped in Merano. Probably the only city in the alps with its own palm trees, cacti and cluster figs.
On Saturady I enjoyed a nice walk and watched the many flowers, grapes and apples growing in the sun… Cool 🙂


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