Good things for me & for the community

This week I did some good things for me and for the community.
I had a bad start Monday morning, chaos and stress all the time, but then I could spend my lunch-time at the fitness center of the Merano Thermal Baths. After a nice aerobics training and a restoring shower the world really looks much friendlier 🙂 The plans for the night were also pretty interesting: a gorgeous concert by the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra at the Kurhaus, the second of the long series branded Merano Music Festival. That kind of music, the beautiful late summer atmosphere and the majesty of the Kurhaus are a veritable life blood for the souls…
Apropos blood, today I went to the hospital of Merano to make a donation. The ambience is always very nice there. Dr. Platter, responsible for the the medical part of the organisation, uses to come over to the volunteers just like a father would do, asking them if the’re all right. The nurses do their job with professionlism and tranquillity, also really caring for the patients well-being. There is always nice music accompaning you while you wait for your turn and after having donated you can have the second part of the foreseen breakfast. You are allowed to leave the place, only when you are sure to be all right. I am a bit weekened because of the donation, but I also feel good because I know I’ve done something good for the community. 🙂


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