Looong week-end

Last week my week-end began on Thursday. A simple call from a sweet friend of mine, asking me if I wanted to go to concert the same night. Chico & the Gypsy were playing at the Gardens of Trauttmandorff Castle! We had a great night! Singing, dancing and laughing all the time, an amazing scenery was surrounding us all…

On Friday began the Matteotti Street Festival, a party with rock music and nice food to eat. We went there on Saturday and had some gorgeous chanterelles with dumplings and vegetables by Erwin’s Pasta Fresca.
After that we enjoyed the dessert by Poehl, a tasty Sacher and I was in peace with the world!

The day after I got up early to meet my mum and a friend for a trip in the mountain. We went to Voeran, left the car at the parking place and went up to the station by walking. It took us nearly two hours, it’s 900 m altitude difference, fortunately it was fresh and shady, so we could go up without suffering the heat. As we arrived, we rewarded ourselves with a big, sweet breakfast: coffee and self-made cakes…! Wow 🙂


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