Busy, dreamy summer nights in Merano

Every year the whole thing starts the third week of July. Five long Tuesdays and twice as many summer nights take place in the heart of the town. I had the fortune to live some of them after my holiday abroad. I went to the long Tuesday last week, enjoyed a gorgeous fish meal on piazza della Rena and watched beautiful models dressed with autumnal, South Tyrolean, night garments and pretty lingerie. A dreamy night with a beautiful bottle of Lagrein for my mum and me. Life can just be so simply amazing! Yesterday we went to the last Long Tuesday, which was dedicated to theatre and did some shopping because we thought we would get some tickets of the shopping lottery “buy & win” and… guess what? We got into the only shop not participating at the initiative! Gosh!

Anyway… nearly every night the tourist office of Merano also organised a different concert, from jazz wiht the Zato so sings 4et, to Latin American music to Abba. Tonight it was the turn of the “Rivali“, performing beautiful blues, soul and funky music, taking you back in time, as well as energic and funny songs by Sugar. Friday evening will conclude the series with a concert dedicated to the 80ies. In the night the air is wonderful, the heat disappears and a nice breeze takes its place. Merano is packed with enthusiastic people enjoying the last summer nights of this year.


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