So many things :)

This has been a pretty full week 🙂 September is a stressy month for me anyway, but this week I had also some interesting happenings I can still hardly recall 🙂
On Monday it was the turn of tradition, I went to Algund to interview some of the guys who take their time every year to rebuild the giant grape for the carriage marching during the big procession of the Grape Festival Merano. It’s an amazing thing that people dedicate time and passion for tradition every year just for the sake of it. It’s an honour for them to prosecute a familys usage. One of the two guys I could interview is the grandchild of the man who created the carriage 1951. They will start rebuilding it two days before the Festival (16. October) and I’m allowed to go there, take some pictures and of course… to help them 😉
On Thursday I met a friend of mine and we decided to go to eat sth at the Sardinian restaurant “Mirto” in Merano. The temperature was still as nice as to allow us to eat outdoors. I took the usual lamb dish with vegs and something really special for dessert: a beer-Tiramisu!!! You wouldn’t believe it, it’s great!! Tasty but delicate at the same time, fresh and creamy… Yum! We had a nice chat and a great dinner and got home pretty late… 😉
Saturday was a great day again, I had the chance to cooperate for the Children Festival in Merano. The Tourist Authority of Merano organised a travelling fairy-tale telling. We had a professional narrator and a few little children curious to listen to her stories. The first leg was the Kallmuenz park, an amazing place for it’s quiet and magic atmosphere… Then we took our blankets and bottles of water and went to the park of the Thermal Baths. You feel totally surrounded by the mountains there… Some elder people passed by and briefly listened to our stories smiling 🙂 The city was packed with children and their parents taking them from one game to the other, fortunately the weather contributed to the success of the event 🙂
During the afternoon we went to the 2. ECM BBQ. The ECM is the English Club Merano in Facebook, a club for people talking in English in Merano, started by a good friend of mine. The first idea was to meet for aperitives, then we organised a BBQ and yesterday we had the 2. Due to the uncertainty of the weather, some members purposed to keep it in a court they own. It is a get-together of nice people knowing each other, meeting there for the first or the second time, staying together easily and talking about many different things. It’s always really funny that there is a huge quantity of any kind of food, from Indian, to American, to Italian, to South Tyrolean… It’s a cool mix of cultures and of people talking English, German and Italian just as they wish, one of the nicest groups I ever joined 🙂


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