Blogger event #meetmerano

Tortelli with ratatouille vegetables and tomato souce

This is one of the most interesting and exciting aspects of my job. Today I had the chance to participate to a blogger event called meetmerano. It was organized by Merano Marketing, the institution responsible for the touristical promotion of Merano and environs MGM in cooperation with the Tourist Office Merano I work for.

I liked the idea of organizing workshops for bloggers in the morning and having action (sightseeing, tours, etc.) in the afternoon. I met many different people, professional bloggers and people blogging during their free time and could get acquainted with interesting topics of the blogger’s world. Authenticity was one the keywords of today’s workshops and this was important for me, because it has always been one of my values in my blog. I even found it cool to empathize with the speaker Mia Bühler ( as she said that it’s totally ok to leave old posts online and that she founds it cute to read her first posts, she wouldn’t really write that way again 🙂

The workshops were held in the new and stylish City Hotel Merano. It has big windows from which you can gaze the street, where the Friday market takes place and this is an interesting contrast I liked to observe from inside the elegant hall. The barman made coffee for us and asked how it was, he was a bit worried about the taste of it, because the machine was very new. It wasn’t the best coffee I had in my life, but it was better than many others made with older machines 😉

After the workshops we accompanied some bloggers to Pension Ottmanngut, a structure modernized and reopened this year, where they combined tradition with modern elements and where you can have breakfast in a fantabulous small park with palm trees.

Then we had a nice lunch at Bistro 7 under the arcades and it was cool having many other “webfreaks” as you, fotographing food and the rooms of the restaurant, without feeling uncomfortable, because we understood each other and just enjoyed it.

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