A wonderful gift


Ten days ago I went with some friends to the Cime di Lavaredo and we spent a night there in an alpine hut, because we wanted to take pictures of the moon and the sunrise in a special place.

We have been totally lucky, because we caught rain as we walked to the hut, but after dinner and in the morning the weather and the sky were perfect. We got up at four in the morning, as we wanted to take pictures of the three giants kissed by the first shafts of sunlight. The moment of the ascent of the mountain with my heavy tripod and obviously no breakfast in my stomach at four thirty I really thought “Why did I do this?!?” The feast for the eyes I could be the silent specatator of for the hour and a half after, was the gorgeous answer.

A few days after my adventure I sent some of the pictures to a dear friend, who’s photographer as well. One day passed and he asked me how he could reach the “Cime di Lavaredo” and I gave him the information needed, I thought he wanted to take some pictures too. After that he told me he had shown my shots to his wife and that he had to organize the trip, because she wanted to go there. There’s nothing really special about this, if you don’t consider that she’s been affected by cancer during the last ten years and they are still struggeling against it daily. “Can you see what your pictures can do?” was his phrase at the end of the e-mail, which made me unimaginably happy…


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