My strange connection to…


… the Netherlands!

It all began last year, as Hanneke (a girl living in Amsterdam) wrote me, because she found this blog and needed some toi-tois for the theater-group she’s in.

A few days ago I was in a bar drinking coffee with my workmate and a young girl came to our table with a big box containing small statues made of beewax. She told us that she was from the Netherlands on a Europe-tour and that she was selling the statues to make it. I liked her way to present it and the idea of selling her hand-made statues to complete her dream. So I bought a sunflower, asked her if I could take a photo and write about it. And so, here we are 🙂

She was amazed by the story of Hanneke and her last words to me were “I wish you all the best”: that’s what I do either.

I might go for a trip to the Netherlands someday, there must be cool people there 😉

PS Maybe the “beewax-girl” will comment this post and tell us where she is!



  1. Hey Sandy!

    So nice to see this moment back on a picture.
    Thank you so much! I am back in Holland for now, but will continue my culture trip soon!
    I love travelling and by selling those products in different places I meet a lot of nice people like you and I learn a lot about people, cultures etc. The most important thing is to be grateful and positive. Holland is full of cool people you should come here. It will be nice to see you again. I wish you a wonderful new year! I like your blog btw.

    Greetings Alexandra!

    1. Hy Alexandra!
      I hoped you would get to see the post and the picture and thought about where you could be in the meantime!
      I’m happy I met you, I appreciated the way you did it with your figures and as I love travelling, I liked the idea of helping you in this purpose. I think it’s brave of you to this and wish I did it myself.
      I wish you all the best for the new year, you have all you need 🙂
      Maybe we’ll meet again either in Italy or in Holland, let’s see 😉

      I’m happy you like my blog! Thank you!
      Take care

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