I’m back!


After a pretty long time of absence, I’m finally back! I’m slowly managing to free my mind and to take more time for the things I love to do, such as writing, photographing, cooking and baking ­čÖé I hope nobody is angry with me, I promise I’ll try to write oftener again!

The year has nearly come to its end and at this time I never give up eating irregularly at the Christmas Market – where they have so many nice things – or wherever in town. Working in the very center of your hometown has positive and negative aspects, no matter where you live. It’s fantastic for shopping, eatings and aperitives, but it’s devastating for your wallet and your stomach…!

The “problem” of Merano is that you can have whatever you want and you may have plenty of it in a pretty good quality. From the Mediterranean “pasta all’arrabbiata” to the cheese dumplings, from the Thai noodles to the potatoe “gnocchi” with fish-souce… and it gets worse with the Christmas Market, because there are so many nice things you can eat there, you know you won’t get during the rest of the year, such as the “Dinnede” (a fantastic self-made bread with potatoes and cheese, baked at the moment)!

So, after a few weeks late fall, my stomach and my skin are rebelling already and that’s why today I decided to do me something good: I went for a soup at the “Pur S├╝dtirol” market ­čÖé This year they serve it in a nice bowl resembling those of the Far West! Cool ­čśÇ


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