The Alpini-story

Alpino Merano

This week-end a giant number of Alpini (about 400.000) came to South Tyrol to meet up for their yearly gathering. Bolzano and surroundings has been preparing everything for over a year and it has been a great success! Merano hasn’t been the central stage of the whole event, but as many of them made their military service here, there were lots in the streets on Friday morning already! What they seem not know themselves is, where all their joy and happiness come from as they meet, wherever they actually do. Drums, trumpets, songs and wine all along in a great atmosphere of feast. Associations, shops and confectioneries also did much to welcome these special guests with gastronomical specialties and nice showcases.

And now what remain to me are the pleasing thought that once again cultures and people met up to have a good time here and that sort of nostalgy when an amazingly big event is over.


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