An unexpected incident

A heart on a tree in Merano
A heart on a tree in Merano

I’m still a bit shocked about what happened in my office last Friday…

The Tourist Office has two entrances, one for the guests -> the info point and one for the partners -> to acceed the administrative offices. Sometimes the side door (the adiministrative one) has to be kept opened for the delivery of material and it happens very often that people just stroll in, because they read the notice “Kurverwaltung Meran” (literally: spa office, translated: tourist office). That day a woman and a man came in and as usual I told them to go outside on the right hand behind the corner. The woman listened to me and went away. The man, on the contrary, came to the desk without saying a word, he was sweating copiously and started crying… We immedietaly understood that something was wrong with him, tried to calm him down and called the ambulance. He was having a heart attack. There is one of the few sentences he said which keeps being impressed in my mind: “I have seen the ‘Kurverwaltung’ and stepped in.”

This made me think a lot about the historical role of that place in the 17th century and about the fact that there is still a part of guests, who have this image of it.

Imagine our relief, as we heard the sound of the ambulance after 5 minutes only…! He was safe.
And I felt very happy and small at the same time.


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