Merano – Amsterdam: virtual connection


It’s Saturday night, 11.30 pm, I get a “Please moderate…”-e-mail from my blog, it was a comment on the “About me” section. Hanneke, a student living and playing in a theatergroup in Amsterdam is enthusiastic about the blog, which she found by “googling for Merano” 😀 asks me if I can help her with her idea. She will perform a play in which Merano will have an important role (!). As “In the theatre-world it is usual to give all the people who are involved a small and funny gift to wish them luck for the first performance” – a “toi” – she asked me if I could get and send her postcards of Merano for the theatre crew 🙂 So on Sunday I did something I’ve probably done 10 years ago in Merano: I bought postcards! It was funny for me feeling like a tourist, being on the other side, in my own town 😀

The postcards – new and old ones – are on their way to Holland, while Anneke is searching for a “toi” for me in Amsterdam 🙂 It feels like a wishing well gift for my blog 🙂

To be continued… 😉



  1. Hi Sandy, Everybody loves the cards!!! And the story behind 🙂 Really funny to have al the suprised reactions. ‘How on earth did you get these cards?’ And the show is doing great! It feels really good and the responses of the audience are so enthousiastic! Its like a warm bath. So one more show to go 😀

    1. Dear Hanneke, I’m just so happy that everything goes as expected 🙂 the thing with the cards has sth to do with nostalgic people: you can still find them because there are nostalgic people selling and buying them 🙂

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