On a train back home…


…from a gorgeous vacation…! Full of nice people, beautiful places and pleasant things…! Sometimes a week can have the same effects of a month! We started to Paris last Saturday, went to Bern from there by train and came to Milano yesterday. It has been a wonderful time for us alone – relaxing and enthusiastic at a time – but also with the people we met on the way… Special and interesting people you don’t see often, who still care about you and are happy to see you again. So, this is how sometimes I have the chance to have a look out of my comfortable nest and go back in my memories into the past and see other “worlds” and ways to live, fascinating me. I love people’s capability to adapt to situations and to get the best of a place: change is life ­čÖé

In the picture: a fantastic breakfast in an organic cafe at Le Pigalle – Paris


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