The Vatican cake


Last Monday a collegue came to me and gave me a tupper ware with pastry and a recipe and told me I should follow it step by step. It’s called the Vatican cake and it’s to be prepared day by day, adding each ingredient separately, without touching it for days. After five days you have a big bunch of pastry you are supposed to divide in four shares, in order to give it to three more persons, who should make it themselves. The fourth share remains to you, your family and friends and you bake your own cake the sixth day.

The cake’s purpose is to bring luck to the whole family and the person baking it shall have a wish come true. I tried, because I think these kind of things make life nicer and because I didn’t want to break the chain. There are many small things which may help people to keep hope alive and I think this is one of these.

Let’s see if it makes my wish come true, I’ll tell you as soon as this happens ­čśë


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