Sooner or later…


…everything comes to its end, if you like it or not. Every year, as January advances and the 6th comes closer, I feel the real end of the old year is near. Merano is used to the many people coming to the Christmas Market and then, all of a sudden the promenade gets empty. There are the workers dismounting the stands and people watching and strolling by. During this time of the year I normally take some time to think of how I could make this year better and what I should change. I often search for a good book which should help me during my reflections and dedicate some time to writing. Till now it has always been things not depending of me which totally changed my life, so now I’m wondering if I should really spend time on thinking what I should do or change for 2013. The only intelligent purpose which comes to my mind, is to do the best to take more time for me, my family and friends and for the things I love to do: that’ll never be wrong.


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