South Tyrol’s excellences worldwide


Every time I find some South Tyrolean speciality or product abroad, I feel really proud! 2005 it happened with the “Marlene” apples in my district’s supermarket in Berlin – a homely feeling in one of the most interesting European capitals. 2009 it happened with the “Loacker” waffles in Khao Sok (Phuket – Thailand) – our “emergency-breakfast”, since that of the hotel was horrible…!! And now I get a lovely “Sterzing-Vipiteno” yogurt on my flight to and from Tenerife – one of my favs ever 🙂
As I wrote, I’m really proud of these enterprises, because they managed to conquer the international market with their excellent products and make feel at home even when I’m far.


  1. Feel the same. Loacker waffles are available really everywhere and always bring a smile to my phase. And there are more good examples, e.g. Leitner Ropeways, etc.

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