Indian restaurant in Merano


A dear friend invited me and my boyfriend to the Indian restaurant in Merano. In the beginning I was little bit sceptic, even because my mum had offered me to eat her fabulous pizza the same evening…! As I stepped inside of it I was dragged away by an original wooden statue of Ganeshi…! And then…the surprise: the food was excellent!! The dishes with lamb or with chicken are great and the typical mango juice you can drink during the meal is perfect 🙂 There was one thing we ordered twice: the thin warm bread refilled with cheese…! Yummy!! The restaurant is called Gandhi, it is small and comfortable, in via delle Corse, just before porta Venosta 🙂



  1. I’ve been in an Indian restaurant in Vienna with my boyfriend… (laugh). He tasted a sauce and then disappeared into the bathroom for half an’hour…was it hot, darling? :DDDDDD

  2. been there twice so far, very good food, real Indian food (like in the UK), friendly people
    2nd restaurant in Bozen/Bolzano

  3. I was only one time in this restaurant. The meal was very poor, it has nothing to d0 with indian Kitchen. i lived one year in India and i know the indian kichen very well. It was also expensiv, so i prefer to eat my couscous which i cook myself.

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