My enliven week-end part 3

Park-Tirolo- DorfTirol…the next stage was Tirolo – Dorf Tirol 🙂 In the Via Galilei there is a nice chair-lift in its original state, which takes you up in a few minutes, passing over Merano’s vineyards and the Tappeiner Promenade. During the brief journey all you can here is the sound of nature…it’s totally peaceful. It takes about 20 minutes to reach the town center, as we needed some shadow, we took the Falknerweg. After some fantastic cheese dumplings at the Furgglerhof, a nice View-chairlift-Meranorestaurant we found by chance, we went back to the chair lift. On the way we found a nice surprise, Troy’s horse in a beautiful park where I already imagined to take my picnic stuff to 😉


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