The small “Stilfser Joch”

After a long, long time (I really don’t want to say how long it is) I finally took my mountain bike again and went for a short trip. As I started I decided to follow the sun. I looked towards Vinschgau valley (Val Venosta) and went for the bicycle route which takes from Merano up to Tell. I knew they should have finished it and that it should be nice. Before the municipalities decided to build it, we used to bike on the street – it was horrible, the cars would pass only a few cm away from you with tremendous speed. Today I had this beautiful surprise. On my two regained wheels, I biked up on this so-called small “Stilfser Joch” – because of its hairpin bends – as a guy cycling the same way up told me today. On the way I met many other passionate bikers enjoying the nice temperature. It has been gorgeous! I’m totally happy I started doing this sport again!


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  1. Hmmmm. Decisamente da provare! Prima però devo prendere una mountain-bike :)Grazie per lo spunto!PS: bisogna assolutamente far ripartire il "treno" degli eventi ECM!Posterò sulla pagina FB e contatterò un po' di membri. Non trovi?Ora che torna la bella stagione…Ciao.PPS: Quando esce la guida in inglese 🙂 Ho sentito che ci sono stati problemi in stampa? Ora scrivo una mail a Bertina e Tamara.

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