A beautiful experience

stony giant grapeTwo weeks without writing… I nearly felt guilty and thought even more time had passed…! Now I have so much adrenalin moving through my veins that I have to write what happened 2day 🙂
A troupe of the tv sender ORF came to Merano to make some shoots of some prearrangements of the Merano Grape Festival. We went to the Promenade where the market is being prepared and filmed the beautiful stony giant grape made by the diligent workers of the department for Municipal authority streets and infrastrutures last year.stony giant grapeMunicipal plant nursery Merano and the gardeners showed us how they prepare the red and white carnations they fix on the eagle (the emblem of Merano). The eagle is in the domicile of the department for Municipal authority streets and infrastrutures, awaiting to be prepared for Sunday 🙂
Then we went to Marling, where Mr. and Mrs. Arquin welcomed us with homemade Strudel and coffee. The carriage is already in a advanced building phase, there were various men working on it, hammering the apples with nails on it. apple crown of Marlingthe Goidnerhof – absolutely perfect and everybody happy 🙂 These are the kind of expereinces which make my stressy job worth it 🙂


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