Bio, etc.

Last Friday I got my fortnightly Biokistl. The Biokistl is a nice service which settled in South Tyrol some years ago. You sign in by Internet, choose the size of the “Kistl” (chest) you need and the things you absolutely don’t want and those you could live at 🙂 Then, they bring you the “Kistl” at home early in the morning, so that you’re able to store them, before going to work. Of course also Merano is provided with this service. As I wasn’t really a big fan of vegs and fruits, but I knew they are healthy, I found this solution to get accostumed to having some vegs in my fridge :).
Last Friday in my “Kist” I found some plums… I love them dry, but I can’t stand them fresh… What was I supposed to do? I looked at my “So kocht Suedtirol” (that’s how South Tyrol cooks) recipes book in search for inspiration and found a cool recipe for a cake and just baked it 🙂 Let’s see how my friends will like it! 🙂


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