A few steps into nature and towards good music

Last Sunday I had a strangely intensive day. Actually I’m taking advantage of my new big passion for hiking and go any time I can and find some willing friends following me in some improvised excursions. By now I manage to go up to the mountains once a week on Sundays 🙂 This time it was the turn of the “Meraner Hütte”. We started from Merano, drove 20 min. till Falzeben and went up by walking. As we reached the “Rotwand” we decided to go further to reach the Meraner Hütte, it took us another hour. Close to our destination we met a group of blond horses, quietly browsing among people caressing them gently. I liked to see them, even if I’m deadly scared about hourses – and they know it…! After these 12 km we could enjoy a South Tyrolean meal, the climate – approx. 15 degrees – permitted us to eat dumplings even in summer 😉
As I came back home I was quite wrecked, I rasted a bit and then got ready for a jazz concert in the Puccini Theatre: it was the last night of the Merano Jazz Festival. My sweet mum and I could enjoy the Dave Douglas Brass Ecstasy. Funny, entertaining and affecting, just as good jazz music can be 🙂


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