Serenely losing my way in the labyrinth garden Kränzel

Wednesday I had the chance to visit the fascinating labyrinth garden Kränzel in Tscherms, a few minutes by car from Merano. After an exquisite glass of Cabernet-Lagrein and some lovefully prepared appetisers, the rain stopped and we could make our way barfoot into the fresh garden.

We went through some small labyrinths decorated with amazing artworks and reached the horizontal labyrinth – which origin goes back to the ancient Greek culture – representing the personal development of people, making their way to the center of it. There we could experience a deep meditation moment.
In the small lake next to it we could hear the toads quacking – some people love them, some do really not, it’s funny…!
Then we proceeded to the 30 m long tasting table, the only unsailable artwork in the whole garden.
A bit of emotion mixed to fear cought me as I entered alone in the last, big labyrinth. I decided it to be a moment for me only, in order to live an intense experience with myself. A nice guide told me some details of the project, then she met another girl and I continued alone. As I finally got out of the labyrinth I could reach the others up the grassy amphitheatre, from where I could see what I passed through.
Two hours passed in a blink, some very well invested time indeed 🙂

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