Fine eating delights

Last Saturday I wanted to celebrate my birthday the whole day. A gorgeous breakfast with a tasty cake with redcurrants and a delicious lunch in a place I always wanted to try. The Kallmünz Restaurant in Meranos town center. We had a lovely weather, it was sunny and mild and could sit in the small court of the castle. Fish, vegetables and meat are proposed with a very special, gentle touch of Asia and they suggest wonderful wines, which blend perfectly with the dishes.
We had king prawns and tagliata and some beautiful dessert. As we went back home, we were very, very happy 😉
The night was dedicated to my family and my dearest friends, we went to the
Brauerei Forst, in its beautiful Biergarten. Nice wine, lovely fish, veggies and a lot of joy 🙂 Last but not least, a gorgeous, enormous cake by Mignon, one of the best pastry shops in Merano…! You could live at their chocolate icing! Well at least I could…! 🙂


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